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She is such a sweetheart

It’s been about 2 to 3 months now seeing Jennifer for my muscle weakness and pain all over my body, knees, stomach, wrists etc. She has been so patient with me and has spent so much time explaining to me about how foods can cause this type of problem after having me take a questioner at the beginning of my 1st treatment. She explained to me Leaky Gut and took time to explain the foods to eat and which to stay away from. She put me on a pure natural cleansing powder full of vitamins and herbs as well as liquid vitamin D, she advised I eat certain foods, avoid certain foods and drink the cleansing powder for 30 days. She had me do a blood test for gluten intolerance/food sensitivity where I found out I have a problem with gluten and other foods. This helped me a whole lot because I was eating foods that I was allergic too. My boyfriend who lives out in Culver City and couldn’t afford to come to her for treatment, she was nice enough to find drs. in his area for acupunture and also helped in his treatment without even seeing him. She is such a sweetheart. He is doing really well and is keeping the same diet as I’m eating. I feel so good all the time with the foods she advised me to eat. I further researched and I seem to have gluten ataxia where the protein in the gluten affects the neurological areas of the brain and muscles. She is treating the areas in my body with acupunture for this problem. I highly recommend Jennifer! She will be worth your trip! I’m doing so much better and I’m pain free!

-zguresa E.

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