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It seemed to help as I’m now 3 months pregnant :)

I couldn’t recommend Jennifer more! This was my first time trying acupuncture – I found it strange at first but eventually came to enjoy my weekly appointment and dedicated time to relax.

Aside from being a great acupuncturist, she’s an intuitive, insightful, & knowledgeable consultant and support for physical and mental health. Every visit, she asks me “what’s new?” and dwelled on important details that my normal doctors don’t care about, then offered help. I’ve always wanted a holistic doctor and she brought this aspect to me.

I tried acupuncture after having 2 early miscarriages and upon learning that acupuncture is proven in studies to help. Well, among other things & life changes, it seemed to help as I’m now 3 months pregnant 🙂

Thank you Jennifer! I will definitely be back in future life phases.

-Jackie B.

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